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Aspherical Lenses

We are experienced in achieving precision quality with a wide variety of glass types as well as fused silica and a variety of crystalline materials. Our manufacturing capabilities include CNC polishing and high precision surface finishing.

Advantages of Using Aspheric Optics
As aspheric optics allow one to avoid spherical and other aberrations in the first place, they can substantially simplify both the optical design process and the resulting optical designs. This can also lead to a more compact optical system, which is particularly relevant. The reduced number of optical surface may also be a relevant advantage. Besides, because of various complex trade-offs in optical design, by using aspheric elements one can often eliminate certain requirements and finally achieve overall better optical performance.

Manufacturing Equipment
CNC Optical Grinding Machine
CNC Optical Polishing Machine
Contact Surface Profilometer
Optical Laser Interferometer


Diameter Up to 80 mm
Asphere Figure Error (P - V) < 1μm
Centering (Beam Deviation) 0.5 arcmin
Surface Quality According to request (80-50,60-40,40-20,10-5)